Career Affirmations for Great Changes

Career affirmations

We have prepared a set of some career affirmations to help you boost and bring change to your professional life. But before, we should talk about positive affirmations and how they should be used to be effective.

If you really want these positive career affirmations to work out for you, you really have to BELIEVE that you DESERVE these events and be aware that repeatedly saying or writing some statements is not enough to have any effect. It is necessary to have faith that only you have power over your life to the point of making changes for the better.

It is important to keep saying these career affirmations in the present tense, assuming your wishes are already happening. This exercise will help change your way of thinking and even your point of view of what you want, bringing to the reality of the here and now.

Small details are the guarantee of success. Write your positive sentences and leave them always around. The frequency with which you repeat them will make you realise the transformations in your life.


1. I love my job.

2. I have the best job in the world.

3. I have a return on my investments.

4. I am very happy with my work.

5. I have financial success.

6. I am a good asset to this company.

7. I am wise to take care of my finances.

8. My relationships at work are great.

9. I conquered my professional success.

10. I’m a good pro.

11. I am successful with what I do.

12. I have a healthy relationship with money.

13. I am doing great at my job.

14. My career is a big success.

15. My career gives me exactly what I need to sustain my life.

Go for it!