Mercury Retrograde: How does it affect you?

The planet Mercury retrograde happens several times a year, when it appears that Mercury is going backwards. Do you know what it actually affects?

Mercury retrograde influences everyone. Mercury is directly connected to the means of communication and also to communication between people. It also has an influence on the way our plans are organized and can even make them go wrong.

Whenever Mercury goes into retrograde motion, it can generate a series of consequences in people’s lives. As it is related to communication, in this period, there may be frequent failures in the media and transportation, without any apparent cause.

You also need to be careful in your communication with people on the phone, on social networks, by email and even in person. This is because there is a big chance that you are going to be misunderstood during this period. The same way, you should be careful not to misunderstand other people.


As Mercury rules communication, contracts, travels, and so on, when it is retrograde you should have flexible schedules, allow extra time and also avoid signing contracts.

Check out the periods on each year for the Mercury retrograde and plan ahead. Try to finish any tasks that you might have in hands and be prepared for agitated people all around you.

Be prepared for last moment plans changing. With Mercury retrograde, people will change their mind quite easily, so if this is something that gets on your nerves, just take a deep breath and move on.

Traffic can get more difficult on this period of time, so pay more attention when driving.

Also, don’t forget that the delivery of electronic documents might be compromised and that this is not a good time to sign contracts.

But not all things are bad with this Mercury retrograde. This is also a great time for reading and studying, as your brain will be working well, reflect on reading and memorize with ease.

You might also want to reserve yourself some time to for introspection, to re-evaluate attitudes and to do self-knowledge sessions. And, if you have some unfinished business, try to solve them now, but always be careful with misinterpretations