10 Mistakes you're making that harm your Aura

Let’s start with some science. In a nutshell anything that has an electrical current running through it produces a field around it. These are called EMFs, electromagnetic fields. Electromagnet fields are subtle energy that radiate out in a spherical direction from its source. Meaning all electronics put out electric fields, your computer, tv, even your mobile. So what does this have to do with you and your aura?

Your body generates electricity. An electrical current runs through your body in your nervous system. All of this combined creates an electrical field which flows in a spherical direction outward from your body. This is what the Indian mystics called an aura. Certain nerve centres and organs in your body are referred to as chakras.

This was before modern science existed, which means they were picking up on subtle fields before the technology to measure it existed.

So here are 10 mistakes you could be making that actually harm your aura. But do not fear – you can repair and heal your aura … read on.

  1. Sleeping near electrical devices. We spend approx. 6-8 hours asleep so this is a large amount of time in one space. Electrical devices emit radiation and even though in small doses, it all adds up. Charge your phone in another room away from where you sleep. Turn off the TV in your bedroom at the switch so there is no electrical current running through the appliance. Remove any electrical appliances from your bedroom and especially away from your bed. You can train your brain to wake up at a certain time or use a normal clock.

  2. Sleeping next to someone. Yes, sleeping alone is actually better for your aura so don’t dismiss the benefits of being single! Sleeping next to someone damages the body with radiation to the degree of 5 mrem (millirem).