Contacting your guardian angel

Your guardian angel is with you at all times and is more accessible than the archangels. she or he knows all your joys and sorrows and sends love of the purest kind your way, lighting your darkest hour and showing you the path to true fulfilment.

A ritual to make contact:

In preparation create a small alter on a low table by covering it with a white cloth. On it place a white candle and a crystal such as clear quartz, angelite, celestite, selenite or any crystal that you feel has angelic connections. To raise your awareness of the higher realms, diffuse or heat neroli or frankincense oil. Effigies or images of angels may also be placed on your alter, along with a small vase of white flowers such as roses or daisies. White feathers and a silver or gold trumpet are also suitable along with anything that feels right. Make sure you have a notebook and pen handy.

  1. Before attempting to make contact with your angel make sure the place where you are working is free from clutter, fresh and reasonably clean. Prepare the space physically by imagining anything negative as grey mist that is being dispelled by pure light shining from above. Sound a bell or better still send the pure tones of a Tibetan singing bowl ringing around your room.

  2. Light your candle and sit comfortably in front of your alter with a straight back. Allow your body to relax. Remind yourself of safety in the spirit world and don your cloak of light. Affirm that you’re going to make contact with your angel and ask for his or her presence.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine that you are climbing seven white mist-shrouded steps. When you reach the top step you are above the mist, bathed in wonderful light. Allow yourself to feel open and welcoming and ask your angel to come to you. Be patient and remain serene and relaxed. Soon you will feel peace and joy, and many other sensations that are special to you, as your angel draws close.

  2. Ask the name of your angel and converse for a while. If you cannot make contact with your angel this time, stop your meditation after about 10 minutes. Do not lose heart – you can try again another day. If you truly want to contact your angel, you will.

  3. When the time feels right, thank your angel, say goodbye and go back down the seven steps, counting down from seven to one, and reunite with your body. Place your palms flat on the floor to ground yourself and have a sip of water. Note down all you have experienced in your notebook.

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