Yin and Yang - there must always be a balance of each

We find that balancing yin and yang

1) reduces stress enormously,

2) leads to spiritual development in a balanced way,

3) removes more toxic metals and toxic chemicals,

4) favors most enzyme reactions in the body and

5) improves vitality in a way that nothing else can do.

It is as though the body is like a seesaw and extremes of yin or yang energy unbalance it, like swinging wildly to one side or the other side. This places tremendous stress on the body and leads to illness. Keeping oneself balanced, on the other hand, reduces stress and greatly favors healing. Let us examine how balancing yin and yang is used in nutritional balancing science. Metabolic typing is about yin and yang. The ideas of yin and yang is the most comprehensive system available regarding metabolic types. It is the basis for typing the bodies as fast or slow oxidizers. Fast oxidation is much more yang, while slow oxidation is more yin. In general, the more extreme the oxidation rate, the more extreme the yin-yang imbalance. Several acupuncturists have confirmed for me the correlation between yin and yang and the oxidation rate, as determined via hair mineral analysis using Dr. Eck’s ratios as standards. Other doctors assess the oxidation rate in other ways, and their methods are not as accurate, in my experience. Beware of using blood or urine tests, questionnaires or other means to assess the oxidation rate for this reason.

Mineral ratios and yin and yang. A higher sodium/potassium ratio is more yang, while a lower ratio is much more yin. Other ratios are less clear, although most likely a lower calcium/magnesium ratio is somewhat more yang, while a high calcium/magnesium is often, though not always much more yin.

Supplements. All synthetic and even natural vitamins, minerals and herbs tend to be yin compared to whole, natural foods. Therefore, we are careful not to use too many supplements of any kind.

Detoxification procedures. Those that are hot and dry such as sauna baths are more yang. those that are cold and damp such as juice therapy or clay baths are more yin.

Toxins. Most toxins are extremely yin because they disrupt life. This includes toxic metals, and toxic organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Their effects on the body can be either yin or yang, but generally their effect is yin. Fungi and parasites such as worms and amoeba in the body are even more yin. Most medical drugs and almost all herbs, along with the isolated vitamins and isolated minerals are yin, especially homeopathic remedies. For this reason, all should be used sparingly.

Electromagnetic fields generally have a very yin effect, as does ionizing radiation from nuclear power plants and A-bomb fallout. Yin is generally harmful on planet earth today and best avoided.