10 Mistakes you're making that harm your Aura

Let’s start with some science. In a nutshell anything that has an electrical current running through it produces a field around it. These are called EMFs, electromagnetic fields. Electromagnet fields are subtle energy that radiate out in a spherical direction from its source. Meaning all electronics put out electric fields, your computer, tv, even your mobile. So what does this have to do with you and your aura?

Your body generates electricity. An electrical current runs through your body in your nervous system. All of this combined creates an electrical field which flows in a spherical direction outward from your body. This is what the Indian mystics called an aura. Certain nerve centres and organs in your body are referred to as chakras.

This was before modern science existed, which means they were picking up on subtle fields before the technology to measure it existed.

So here are 10 mistakes you could be making that actually harm your aura. But do not fear – you can repair and heal your aura … read on.

  1. Sleeping near electrical devices. We spend approx. 6-8 hours asleep so this is a large amount of time in one space. Electrical devices emit radiation and even though in small doses, it all adds up. Charge your phone in another room away from where you sleep. Turn off the TV in your bedroom at the switch so there is no electrical current running through the appliance. Remove any electrical appliances from your bedroom and especially away from your bed. You can train your brain to wake up at a certain time or use a normal clock.

  2. Sleeping next to someone. Yes, sleeping alone is actually better for your aura so don’t dismiss the benefits of being single! Sleeping next to someone damages the body with radiation to the degree of 5 mrem (millirem). It takes a thousand rem to kill you and 50 mrem from an XRay. Sleeping next to a person who is negative or toxic to you, will weaken and damage your aura. So take a break from each other and don’t feel guilty about wanting to. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and allows the aura to repair.

  3. Being in crowds. The aura radiates energy outwards and the energy you put into your aura is very important. So when you’re in a crowd, you pick up on other people’s energy as well. Avoid too many large crowds. Once in a while is ok but not too often.

  4. Soldiering on when you’re sick or depressed. When unwell we tend to pull the energy of our aura inwards which is why we feel like we want to be alone. On a subconscious level you don’t want to pick up anything more negative from other people while you regenerate. So stay home, have some alone time, rest and recuperate. Your aura will repair and you’ll know when it’s time to get back into the flow.

  5. Getting caught up in other people’s drama. In a group or just with another person, it’s easy to get pulled into their (sad or happy, negative or positive) energy. The more you associate with the person or group, the stronger the pull is into their vibration. This activity creates damage to your aura. You can consciously hold onto your vibration and maintain your own centre, by surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people. Disconnect from negative people.

  6. Having a bad morning and allow it to lead into a bad day. We all experience stresses, accidents and ‘bad luck’ events. You can choose to allow it to affect your day or you can acknowledge it and choose to change your path. Clear your aura by simply showering, sage smudging your aura, burn incense or spray your aura with holy water – and choose to be passionate about your work, your recreation, your family, your life. Move on and smile.

  7. Substance abuse blows damaging holes in your aura. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and caffeine damage your aura which makes it difficult to attract what you want into your life. Habitual use expands the size of the hole(s) in your aura and weakens your energy. If you want to kick substance abuse, start by having your aura and chakras cleaned to give you greater strength to kick an unhealthy habit.

  8. Arguments, fear and trauma in your life weaken your aura. Avoid reacting to people who push your buttons. Take the higher ground by accepting and allowing their behaviour or opinion. Remember everyone has an opinion and there is no right or wrong. Watching scary movies or putting yourself in risky situations actually causes auric shock that will need repair. If you feel weak, have low energy, are easily agitated or feel a little out of control – these are good signs you need to repair your aura.

  9. Saying yes to everything. Our energy levels get depleted when we are spread too thin. Repairing your aura can easily be done by having some R & R. Take a spa day. Have a massage. Take a bath with Himalayan Salts and doTerra therapeutic essential oils. Have a weekend when you have nothing planned. Take a holiday. Say “no” to overtime and working on the weekend. Enjoy some “kid-free” time and don’t feel guilty about it.

  10. Watching too much TV on the sofa. You could be spending too much time in front of the computer when you are home. The sedentary position for too long depletes the energy in your aura. Your aura needs stimulation of the healthy kind. Your body feels sluggish and you feel like you need to move. It’s ideal to keep the body moving as the electrical charge is created by movement especially with Mother Earth. Take a walk outside. Take the dog for a walk. Do some gardening. Sweep the driveway. If it’s too cold or wet to go outside, vacuum the home, clean out some cupboards or clean the bathroom.

Note: If you quit taking a substance, the aura will tend to repair itself although it can take a few years, depending on the size of the damage. An experienced healing practitioner can repair your aura leaving you feeling whole, happier and more energetic. This procedure is simple and painless and often coupled with another healing modality like Reiki or crystal healing, to enhance the benefits.

Remember to take the time to care for your aura. It’s a greater friend than you may realise. It directly impacts all things that are drawn to you, so start today by focusing on a healthy aura to give you the edge you need for an ongoing positive boost.

Jennifer Short Reiki Master, Energetic Healer, Teacher & Psychic Intuitive


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