Our mission


The mission of Powwow Energetics is to provide a safe, sacred healing space 

for those who are drawn here. It is our desire to be of assistance to you by presenting ways 

in which you may remove any obstacles to your healing process. 

We honor the fact that this is your path. 


We would be honored to be a part of your journey as you move towards your own power and truth. We in no way intend to project our views onto you. We will always give you the opportunity to determine for yourself what is best. Our offering to you is our collective experience and unique gifts. 


Our commitment to you is also our commitment to ourselves. 

Our promise to you, our clients, is to maintain our own health, in body, mind and spirit, 

knowing that we can only offer to you what we have, or what we are in the process of learning. 

We are human and in no way claim to have all the answers. 

We will journey together and I know that we will learn a lot. 


Many blessings to you who have come to visit us. 

May you achieve a life far greater than your wildest dreams. 

Thank you for being a great part of this mutually enriching experience!