Usui Reiki Courses

You can learn and be attuned to Reiki energy for self healing as well for others - or as part of your personal spiritual practice towards deeper enlightenment.

The style of Reiki you will learn is "Usui Shiki Ryoho" Usui System of Natural Healing. Students will also be shown high intuitive healing systems by Reiki Master/Teacher Jennifer Short.

With each course you will receive a Manual, which includes notes from the course and lineage. Upon passing the course, you will be awarded your Certificate of completion and competence.

Payment methods are outlined under each course detailed below.

Level Three, Master/Teacher Level is taught by request. The course takes 2 days to complete.

Reiki Level 1, Shoden "Beginning"

At this level you are a qualified Reiki Therapist.

During and after this full-day course you will be able to connect with yourself and others in a way the promotes and supports your unique and personal journey in life. Through the attunement process, your physical and energetic body will be attuned to receive more and a deeper level of universal life force energy.

After the first degree, you will have Reiki for the rest of your life, conatntly and consistently flowing freely through you.

The course includes:

  • The hand positions

  • The 7 Chakra systems of the body

  • Energetic pathways in the body

  • The History of Reiki

  • What Reiki is

  • Where Reiki comes from

  • What causes certain conditions in the body

  • The 5 Reiki Priniciples

  • How to intuitively feel the aura and chakras

  • Self Treatment

  • Animal Reiki

  • Reiki for children and those close to death

  • Giving Reiki to other people

Cost: $250 Registration is by paying $50 deposit.

Contact us for payment methods.

Dates & times are on our Courses page.

Reiki Level 2,
Okuden "Deeper Knowledge"

At this level you are a qualified Reiki Therapist.

At this level you will learn and receive the power and knowledge of the sacred symbols. You will be shown how to "experience" each symbol personally and how to use them to specialise your treatments for each client.​

The first symbol works at the physical level of healing.

The 2nd symbol works at the emotional level of healing.

The 3rd and most powerful symbol will assist you to connect energy healing with people over distance and time.

You will gain enhanced intuition which play a greater role in your treatments.

In addition you will receive extra symbols from Jennifer that will add to your energetic healing resources.

  • The 3 Usui scared symbols

  • Additional Reiki 2 symbols: Sei Chem Style

  • Learn how to treat emotional issues

  • Distance healing

  • Practical sessions

  • How to set up your Reiki business

  • Marketing your Reiki business

Cost: $495 Registration is by paying $50 deposit.

Contact us for payment methods.

Dates & times are on our Courses page.

Reiki Level 3, Masters, Shinpiden  "Mystery Teaching"

At this level you are a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher

At this level you will understand how Reiki has changed you and enhanced your intuition. You will be taught how to teach and attune others and how to guide and support people keen to learn the mysteries of Reiki's power and influence. You will be shown the steps and them you will be asked to demonstrate them in order to pass this level of Master and Teacher. To this end the course is run over 2 days. The first day is instruction and practice. The second day is the competency practical where you can show what you have learned and pass to receive your Manual and Certificate that allows you to teach others. You will learn how to write your own manual and course taking care to know what is mandatory at this level of teaching.

  • Learn and be attuned to the Master Symbols

  • Teaching all levels of Reiki

  • How to teach and attune others

  • How to answer questions

  • How to write the content for your manual and course

  • The laws of attraction

  • Responsibility

  • Being a Master

Cost: $795 Registration is by paying $50 deposit.

Contact us for payment methods.

Dates and times: On request. Contact us.

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